How To Develop Baby’s Intellect


Science gives us new facts on first phases of baby’s life, his development, the formation of the thinnest brain structures in mother’s womb, and this happens much earlier, than it was supposed. It seems unbelievable, but when a size of human fetus is less than 2 mm yet, his brain is already functioning, controlling his […]

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Hands Will Tell About Woman’s Sexual Status


This happens to all married couples. Sooner or later something disappears. Women suppose these are love and romance. Men think it is woman’s passion. But the main question is: which are reasons of this problem and how to struggle with it? My grandmother did not face such questions: she always knew all answers. Honey, which […]

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An ideal interval between childbirths


I’ve got 2 sons, their age difference is 5 years. I sustained such pause knowingly, in order not to impair my children in anything and give up for lost my education and husband’s carrier, to give both of us a possibility to recuperate after our restless first-born. Recently I visited my relatives’ place. A young […]

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