FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: September 25, 2003

Hi! This is the KIMOCK mailing list's FAQ. I hope you enjoy it. It
used to be the FAQ of the KVHW list, until KVHW disbanded in
January, 2000. I realize that this is long, but its point is to
answer frequently asked questions. And there are a lot of those.

If you don't care to take the time to read the following, please
remember ONE THING: there are over 850 people on the Kimock list
who are on the list to read thoughtful posts related to Kimock and
his music. OVER EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTY PEOPLE. If you post something
that is thoughtless, and reveals a lack of concern for the 800+
people on the Kimock list who want to read about Kimock's music (or
at least about music), then don't be surprised if someone gives you
a piece of their mind -- or that you lose the privilege of posting
freely to the list.

This list exists for Kimock fans to discuss Kimock's music, and if
not Kimock's music, at least music. On-topic, considerate and
thoughtful posts are the norm and I hope you respect the people on
the list and contribute positively.


Q: How do I unsubscribe from the list?
A: You simply send an email that says UNSUBSCRIBE KIMOCK on
the top line in the body of the email to listserv@lists.netspace.org.

Q: Can I receive posts to the list in a daily digest, rather than
A: Yes. To digestify to the list, you send an email that says SET
KIMOCK DIGEST on the top line in the body of the email to
listserv@lists.netspace.org. If you want to get off the digest, and
begin receiving individual messages again, you send an email that
says SET KIMOCK NODIGEST in the body of the email to

Q: How do I post to the list?
A: You send the email to kimock@lists.netspace.org, and it will be forwarded
to everyone subscribed to the list, including yourself (you will
see your post again).

Q: What happened to KVHW?
A: KVHW broke up in January 2000. I'm not privy to any "official"
reason(s) why. I speculate that it had a lot to do with the fact
that the "W" of KVHW, Ray White, did not show up for the Maritime
Hall shows in December 1999. Ike Willis sat in for the 12/31/99
Maritime show, and Chip Roland and Martin Fierro sat in for part
of the 12/17 and 12/18/99 Maritime KVHW shows. In a 4/20/01
interview at Grateful Web's studio in Denver, CO, Kimock commented
after being asked what had happened to KVHW: "Ray was
basically kidnapped by his own monkey. Ray's own monkey kidnapped
him." Ray's monkey has, as yet, not been located to either confirm
or deny this remark.

Q: What is Kimock's official website?
A: http://www.kimock.com/ and it's a sweet site. Check it out.
Dave Hunter is an awesome web designer.

Q: Where can I get Kimock-related setlists?
A: Check out Kerry's setlists page Http://www.setlist.com.

Other Kimock-related websites include:

http://www.geocities.com/amoeba (Richard Miller);
http://home1.gte.net/chip/index/KVHWsongs.htm (Chip's stats); Sue
Weiand's INCREDIBLE photos of KVHW and others:
http://www.mindspring.com/~cbeacham/sk.html (The World's Only Steve
Kimock Tune Database lovingly ignored most of the time by Webmaster
http://cdr.flavorj.com/kimock (has all of the SKB setlists & reviews
culled from the listserv plus pictures, links to pictures and

[others?? let me know].


Q: Are the posts made to the Kimock list archived anywhere?
A: Yes. See http://lists.netspace.org/archives/kimock.html or
http://lists.netspace.org/archives/kimock-announce.html The
kimock.html archives includes all of the posts made to the former KVHW
list. If you find the mail on the Kimock list too burdensome for your
email box, I recommend unsubscribing from the list, and simply
checking the archives on the web for information periodically.

Either that or you should subscribe to the KIMOCK-ANNOUNCE mailing
list, a list which will get about 20 messages a month. This list
contains only Kimock ticket and tour information; setlists; misc.
important or interesting info; and reviews. To subscribe, simply send
an email that says SUBSCRIBE KIMOCK-ANNOUNCE in the body of it to
listserv@lists.netspace.org. Note, however, that only messages that
are first sent to the Discussion list get sent to the Announce list,
so subscribing to both lists is unnecessary.


Q: What is considered relevant and acceptable to post to the Kimock list?
A: What's relevant and acceptable on the Kimock list is, for the
most part, entirely up to you. If you read something that you think
was inappropriate to be emailed to 800+ people, then email the
person and let them know. The average age of someone on the Kimock
list is probably somewhere in the 30s. The vast majority of list
members are mature and reasonable enough that they don't (at least
routinely) send thoughtless, inane remarks into 800+ email boxes
of other Kimock fans. Respect them and they will respect you.

However, some things will not be tolerated on this list. As the
list admin I feel an obligation to at least try to keep the list
on-topic and fun for the majority of folks on it. Your account may
be moderated (meaning I screen your posts before they get sent to
everyone on the list) if you do any of the following: (1) flame
someone personally (but flaming opinions is fine, of course); (2)
use especially foul language in a post (whatever this means; I'll
know it when I read it, though); (3) offer to copy/bootleg a
commercially produced CD (OF ANY BAND); (4) forward private email to
the mailing list without the author's consent (if, however, someone
asks or tells *me* something in private email that would benefit the
list as a whole if answered publicly, then I may respond publicly to
their inquiry or comments); (5) GROVEL FOR TICKETS TO A SHOW THAT
SUBSTANTIVE CONTENT TO THE LIST; (6) send a file of any kind to the
list (files may contain viruses; it is considered in very poor form
to e-mail unsolicited files to people; just post saying you have a
file that people might be interested in, and if they want a copy, to
email you and ask you for it); (7) send an advertisement,
solicitation, plea for money, plea for political involvement in some
issue, or some other Form Letter to the list that doesn't clearly
involve music; or, (8) post in so spectacularly thoughtless a
fashion that your post lacks any merit whatsoever.

Also, generally speaking, when posting to the list, please, I beg
you: (1) BE SURE TO TRIM QUOTED PASSAGES as best you can (don't
reply to posts and requote the entire post you are replying to!);
(2) avoid posting in anything other than plain text (don't use
special graphics or html); and, (3) do not send a lot of superfluous
text in your post (e.g., NEVER QUOTE ANOTHER POST AS A BLOB AT THE
END OF YOUR COMMENTS, unless what you are responding to is at least
several days old! Such a practice fills up DIGESTs with
superfluous text).

Q: What if I just want to let everyone know that I'm new to the list?
A: I encourage you to let everyone know that you're new to the
list, but please do so in a thoughtful manner that you think most of
the 800+ people on the list would enjoy reading.


Q: What about posting tape/ticket requests or "grovels"?
A: They should be thoughtful, interesting, and considerate of the
other people subscribed to the list. A thoughtful tape/disc request is one
which describes WHY a person is requesting the tape/disc, and more often
than not contains details of the show being requested, or some story
about why the show has sentimental value for the requestor. Such
requests add something substantive to the content of the list.

Q: What about ticket trades/sales for, or ride grovels to,
Kimock-related shows?
A: There is probably no more relevant a forum online for trying to
trade or sell your extra ticket to a show in which Kimock is playing.
Make such offers short and sweet, though, to minimize bandwith.

Ticket *grovels* to Kimock-related shows, on the other hand, should
be courteous and attempt to add something of substance to the list,
or you should not make them. Chances are pretty good that you
aren't alone in trying to find an extra ticket to show X. Make your
request count. Add something positive to the list. Numerous grovels
for tickets to a sold-out show annoy fellow listers and clutter the

Q: What about CD offers?
A: Offers of music add value to the list. However, as a general
rule, and as a courtesy to your fellow listers, PLEASE (1) give a
deadline for responding to your offer; (2) specifically state that
you'll take a few Digesters (who get the mail later than those who
receive each message individually); and, as a matter of course, (3)
tell people something like "I wish I could accept everyone, but I do
not have the time. If you do not hear from me, please assume that
you did not make it." WHY? Because messages sent to the list that
solely state "My tape offer is closed" or "Tape offer closed" in the
subject line and "SSIA" ("subject says it all") in the body of the
email NEEDLESSLY LITTER THE LIST. I *really loathe* these posts and
I may moderate your account for making such a post (it's admittedly
a pet peeve). As always, even when it comes to tape offers, remember
that there are others on the list, most of whom aren't going to be
able to get tapes from your offer.

Q: What if I have questions about CDR or DAT or technical questions?
A: FIRST, PLEASE RESEARCH THE WEB. There's a ton of material on the web
about this technology. For example, check out
http://cdr.navpoint.com/ or DAT-heads at
http://www.eklektix.com/dat-heads/. Ask friends you make through
the list. But don't ask the list, unless, again, you do so within
the context of a thoughtful post about the music. This list is a
list for Kimock fans to discuss his music. Though a lot of folks
burn CDRs, most of the 800+ people on the list probably
don't, and many of them aren't interested in reading details about

Q: What if I think you are an asshole?
A: Subscribe to the charlie-sucks list. To subscribe, simply send an
email to charlie-sucks-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. It's that easy. Please
keep flames of the list admin off of the Kimock list and in private

I hope you found the above information helpful. Please let me know
if you think I should add or change anything. Your feedback is
enormously important. Never hesitate to email me with your two
cents on a list policy or with a question.

If you have to remember anything from all of the above verbiage,
just remember that there are over 800 others on the Kimock mailing
list. Is what you have to say really something you must tell or ask
most of them? Can your question be answered with a simple web
search? Could I answer it (e.g., a question about an upcoming gig)?
Never hesitate to email me with a question. I'd rather you asked me
than the entire list. Seriously. Don't hesitate to email me. I
usually take no more than 48 hours to answer an email about a list

If someone writes you to scold you about a post, PLEASE listen to
them and empathize. Presumably, all of us are on this list to
discuss Kimock's music in a mature and articulate fashion.

Finally, if you are interested in obtaining live Steve Kimock music
on CDR, you've found the right place. There are numerous offers
made almost daily to the list. Follow-up thoughtfully, politely and
privately to an offer, and you are sure to get access to extremely
high quality SKB CD's.


charlie dirksen
kimock list admin