KVHW Live at McKenzie Ballroom on May 16, 1999

Set 1:
Rainbow's Cadillac
Nodge Balls
You're The One
Five B4 Funk
Bad Hair
A New Africa

Set 2:
Cissy Strut
Why Can't We All Just Samba?
Nine -> Ring Around The Moon -> Nine
Kissin' The Boo Boo
High & Lonesome
It's Up to You ->
Mr. Potato Head ->
It's Up To You

Set 3:
Poonk ->
What I Say ->
Nefertiti ->
What I Say ->
My Favorite Things ->
Papago ->
Express Yourself ->
Hillbillies On PCP ->
Point of No Return ->
Hillbillies On PCP ->
For The Love Of Money ->
Hillbillies On PCP