Martyr's 11-17-2011/with Vega Kimock pic

Martyr's 11-17-2011/with Vega Kimock pic

And two more...
These are a collaboration between myself, Summer Riley and Caroline Schwarz. One of us was pointing, one was shooting, and the third was engaging in astral projection.
Thanks Summer and Caroline!

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It's not the best but here's a pic of Steve with Bobby (playing guitar) during Thing One....


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Awesome show tonight!

Set 1 (from the rail):
Steve solo improv on resinator guitar (yes I do know how to spell resonator)
Steve and Bernie jam (SK on Kalimba and Triple neck walnut stringmaster - frequently simultaneously)
While We Wait
Life of the Party
Nana's Chalk Pipe (with short Surrey with the fringe On Top jam - I kid you not)
54-46 (was my number)
Kissin' the Boo-Boo

Set 2 (from as far from the rail as one can get - see I told you):
Tangled Hangers (w Sleigh Ride tease)
Stella Blue
A New Africa
Thing One (w Janis Wallin on Bass and Bobby Vega on Steve's Mustang)
You're The One (w Pusherman jam)
Red Hot Mama
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