A night in Buffalo

Set One:

Nana’s Chalk Pipe
In Reply
A New Africa
You Can’t Do That ->
Super Stupid ->
You Can’t Do That

Set Two:
Five B4 Funk (with raga intro)
Hey Man
Tangled Hangers
Crazy Engine
Part For (with Love Supreme tease and drum solo)
Tongue N Groove
Red Hot Mama

Greetings from Buffalo! Buffalo is a cool city with a strong industrial history. The backdrop, which I’m surprised isn’t used in more movie,s is a real aesthetic treat. This city will defiantly be added to my list to revisit.

Tonight’s show is at a beautiful venue called The Tralf. It’s a sit-down venue with a half-circle stage. The first set kicks off with a funky 54-46. Next up is one of my favorite slow jams, “In Reply,” which has not been played in some time. This song has always has had the power to put me in a place of peace. The musicianship of this band really shone through on the “You Can’t Do That-Super Stupid-You Can’t Do That” melody.
Set two opens with a “Five B4 Funk” raga intro. This new form of the song always takes the crowd by surprise. “Tangled Hangers” brings some seated to their feet. It’s great to see people not confined to their tables. “Long Form Part 4,” with its twists and turns leaves me a little scrambled as it always does. “Tongue N Groove,” a crowd favorite, was a great song to follow-up “Long Form Part 4.” This really shows Steve’s wide range of songs. The band closes out with funk driven “Red Hot Mama.” A stellar show indeed!