SKB - March 28, 2003

Steve Kimock Band Live at Luther's Blues on 2003-03-28

Set 1: d1t01 - It's Up To You (White Strat) d1t02 - Long Form Part 4 (Cripe) d1t03 - Many Rivers To Cross (White Stringmaster) d1t04 - The Bronx Experiment (Walnut Stringmaster w/Ebow) d2t01 - Rainbow's Cadillac (Cripe) d2t02 - Thing One (Cripe) d2t03 - Band Intros

Set 2: d2t04 - You're The One (Explorer, Ozark) d2t05 - Electric wildlife (White Strat) d2t06 - A New Africa (White Strat) d3t01 - Drums -> d3t02 - Elemr's Revenge (Cripe -Breaks String- White Strat) d3t03 - Moon People (White Strat) d3t04 - Avalon (Mother Of Pearl Cerletti) d3t05 - Band Intros

Taped by: Charlie Miller & Arielle Phares