SKF - February 28

Some great stuff here... especially for those Meester and Banana fans in the house!!! Recording courtesy of Dr. Bob.

Steve Kimock Live at Sweetwater Saloon on 1996-02-28 (February 28, 1996)

Set 1
tuning etc.
Martin etc.
dead air etc.
Well You Need'nt
crowd, Martin etc.
Like A Road
dead air etc.
Soul Dressing
crowd etc.
Listen Here
crowd, Martin etc.
I've Had My Fun
dead air etc.
Hungarian Rhapsody//

Set 2
song intro etc.
Afro Blue
noodles, guest intro etc.
Since I Fell For You*
noodles etc.
Natural Ball
dead air, tuning etc.
Gimme One Reason
dead air, Martin etc.
Rigor Mortis
noodles, banter etc.
Driving Wheel
banter etc.
Highway 61 Revisited

Though not from this gig, a picture of the Meester is very much needed for this show!!!!!