The list was started as the KVHW list on January 24, 1999, the First
Anniversary of KVHW's first gig at Studio E in Sebastopol,
California. After KVHW disbanded in January, 2000, it became the
KIMOCK list. It is an unmoderated list, and to post a message to
the Kimock list, simply send an email to kimock@lists.netspace.org.

The list exists for fans of Kimock's music to share their thoughts
about his music and music in general. Anything music-related is
relevant. However, most people subscribed to the list lead busy
lives, and many are subscribed to other music-related email lists.
Please refrain from posting anything -- even if music-related --
that you think is likely to disgruntle many of the over 800 other
members of the list. For example, groveling for discs of a show to
the list in a brief, impersonal fashion is inconsiderate. CD offers
will undoubtedly be made, and the friends you make on the list by
being a gracious, active contributor will help you get discs. The
tapers in the Kimock fan community are some of the most generous
fans in the history of rock music. Be kind to them and they will

Also, please do not send flames, irrelevant advertisements, "jokes,"
and other thoughtless spam to the list. People subscribed to the
KIMOCK list presumably want to share information *about Kimock's
music*. Please remember that vulgar language and spam reflect
poorly on you and foul the vibe of the list. No matter how deaf
someone's opinion might be to you, please respond to their two cents
sensibly and intelligently.

A digest of posts made to the Kimock list is available. Please see the
FAQ file, below, for more information.

If you would like to help promote SKCE in your area, please send your
name and address to Ami at Kbase@kimock.com in an email with "Kbase
Promotion" in the subject header, along with a note on how you would
like to help. "Kbase" is a community of fans working together to
build a larger SKB family across the country. Relying upon the
grassroots appeal of music lovers everywhere, this team was created
to help promote SKB with street promotions, newsletter creation,
internet and radio promotions. This is a venue for you to offer
creative ideas to help the Steve Kimock Band play multiple nights in
your area.

I really hope you enjoy the Kimock list. If you have any suggestions at
all whatsoever, please do not hesitate to write me, but please also be
patient. I will respond to you as soon as I can.


Charlie Dirksen
Original KIMOCK List Administrator