10 Ways To Refresh Feelings

You’re married for years, and your marriage is quite successful, but you notice, that there’s no previous passion, and you make love more seldom, because you’re tired, and there’re no new feelings. Everything is known and well-trodden. Maybe, everybody feels the same?

You’re married for years, and your marriage is quite successful, but you notice, that there’s no previous passion, and you make love more seldom, because you’re tired, and there’re no new feelings. Everything is known and well-trodden. Maybe, everybody feels the same?

It turns out, that this is not truth. Many married couples admit that after overcoming such crisis of sensuality, they could discover new horizons for themselves. How? Here’re several pieces of advice, offered by famous sexologists, psychotherapists and just “experienced” husbands and wives.

  1. Sex means feelings

Of course, sex in 30 is not like sex in 18. In youth everything is simpler – hormones are fizzing in blood, you can stay up all night long, and in the morning you will be fresh like a rose, big plans and hopes are waiting for you, and you’re wondering, like Aphrodite.

Years take away beauty and self-reliance (especially, if your loved husband reminds you of excess kilograms and wrinkles periodically), matters about family take all powers, and your organism itself begs you to give it an hour for sleep, not sex.

However, sexual contentment is firstly connected with general contentment with marriage. If a husband and wife are content with their intimate relations, then this creates a background, where their relationships in other spheres develop. This background influences success of these relations, and contentment with sex, in its turn, depends on these relations.

What to do? For a start – answer yourself frankly: is everything ok between you in your everyday relations? If no – search that starting point, where your dissension began, and fill up emotional gap.

  1. Spoil each other!

Paradox: we don’t forget to throw out all troubles of a day on our husband, make claims, pull him up among friends. Well, where’s tenderness? Couples, who don’t forget to express tenderness and love for each other, as a rule, don’t lose interest in bed for each other.

How long have you brought coffee in bed for your husband for? And when he rubbed your back in bathroom for the last time? Do you walk in evenings together?

Every family has its own “recipes”. The more often you express your positive emotions to each other, then stronger your sexual bonds are!

  1. Tired bodies make tired sex

Who of us, married women, didn’t get into a situation, when you want to sleep because of tiredness, and your husband shows initiative? You refuse – husband is offended, you agree – lying exhausted, and irritation arises in your soul: what does he want? And opposite cases also happen: you strive to him, but he has a “headache”!

What to do? Give each other possibility to rest.

You can send your children you to grandparents and ask relatives not to call or visit you on Saturdays. Or you can put off sex till morning, if you have not to go to work by 8 am. Or you can send your children to bed and pay attention to each other since 10 pm to midnight. Sex is measured not by quantity, but quality: let is happen less often, but with best quality!

  1. Leave problems behind the door!

Don’t bring work problems home. Don’t take home documents, which you didn’t manage to look through on work. You can also postpone long phone calls to your friend.

If you’re waiting for an important call, use voice mail, you’ll save much precious time and soul powers, getting rid of non-productive communication and lots of small matters.

If you have a lot of undecided work matters in this day, it is better not to plan intimate relations for this evening, as thoughts of undecided questions will not give you a possibility to relax.

  1. Sometimes you should inform your husband about your intentions!

If you say your husband in the morning: “Honey, this evening is for sex!” in a business-like manner, – then this is one mood. And if you are elated since morning waiting for a pleasant evening, and during work will call your husband several times, saying that you’re waiting for this evening, come home at least 30 minutes earlier to cook a light supper for two, worry about champagne or wine beforehand, take a shower or bath, – then you will be in a wonderful mood, which your husband will feel at once.

  1. Avoid traps!

According to sexologists, the most popular trap in matrimonial bed – is the same script. Sooner or later, a period comes, when intimate sides of your partner are rather well-learned, and that’s why husband and wife “take bull by the horns” at once while making love, i.e. use that tricks, which bring guaranteed result.

Think yourself: if you give only fried potato (halva, pine-apples, shrimps) to a man every day, then a moment will come, when he will feel sick at one sight at this product. So, anyway, you need to vary you menu.

  1. Don’t make a female-friend of your husband!

In general, this is a golden rule for a married life. Always remember: it is a man near you! And this man should be seduced and gained every day.

Practice shows opposite. A wife is turning in front of the mirror and complains her husband about her excess 20 kilograms, that she looks like a “cow” and cannot put on any skirt. Returning from dentist, she tells that she has 20 holes in her teeth and should put by money for full denture. Or starts discussing a purchase of anti-cellulite cream with husband. In general, she does everything she would not ever do in the first days of acquaintance!

Of course, when wife starts complaining husband, she wants him saying: “Darling, you’re wonderful!” But as a rule husbands don’t tell such things. They see no hints in your words. They trust to your word. If wife said she’s old, fat and ugly, with cellulite and caries, – then this is truth. And who wants going to bed with such woman?

Think, do you want this?

  1. Add humor!

Well, who said that sex should be serious? Sometimes the best way to refresh previous passion – is to have a laugh.

In many female magazines they offer simple recipes, like you should meet your husband after work naked, wearing only an apron. And he should attack you, like a wild animal. I heard one story, when a guy fell victim to such meeting: “I came home very tired, and a naked wife met me, wearing an apron. I almost passed out: shall I make sex also?”

One woman remade this recipe her own way: she met her husband not just naked in an apron, but on roller skates! Her husband split his sides with laughter! Night was wonderful. Indeed, that husband had sense of humor. If your one has it – try.

  1. Memories are your ally!

One woman told me: “We’ve been living with my husband for 10 years. And if some coolness appears between us, I take out our old photos. We are sitting together in the evening, looking at them, remembering good things happened between us. Of course, we smile and laugh. Necessary fluids pass through us. We understand we still love each other and talk about it. And then??¦ We’re like flying away in our first nights, our passion??¦ in general, this is wonderful – be in love with your own husband!”

  1. Flirt!

We know that it is easy to flirt with a strange man: smile darkly, look at him in such a way, that he would feel lump in his throat because of desire, and million of other similar tricks. It is much more difficult to flirt with your own husband!


Well, for example, while going to your friends’ place or for a walk, find a moment to whisper him a script of your night. And while staying at your friends’ home, look into his eyes and stroke his leg with your one imperceptibly for others (some sexual heroines of movies usually do this – and probably, not in vain), or stroke his knee with your hand, and then move it a little higher.

Don’t miss an opportunity to dance. Tell compliments, laugh at his jokes, kiss his ear – in general, you know your husband in-and-out yourself! And you will definitely see a result!

Remember: you passion has not disappeared! It is just covered with dust of everyday problems. Blow off dust and enjoy life!