Baby’s first steps. What age do babies walk?

baby's walk

The first steps are a crucial stage in the development of each small person and the whole family. Therefore, most parents ask a natural question: what time do children start to go? Forced to disappoint you – the exact numbers do not exist.

A typically developing, the full-term baby usually begins to walk without support at the age of 9 to 12 months. There are exceptions related to the developmental features of a particular baby, but often they fit between 7 and 14 months.


The desire to move in space is a natural desire of the baby. However, it is ahead of the capabilities of the child, and therefore, before the crumbs go on their own, he goes through the crawling stage. According to the famous American doctor Glenn Doman, crawling is useful and even necessary. This lesson comprehensively develops the child; his arm muscles are strengthened; he is training and preparing for future walking. Of course, some children begin to walk right away. This is considered acceptable, but also suggests that perhaps the child is not enough physical activity and activity.

The fall

Not a single person who knows how to walk learned this without falls. This brings a lot of trouble and worries to some parents who worry at every loss of balance of their child. Therefore, when the child takes the first steps and, naturally, falls, overly suspicious parents begin to hold the baby by the scarf for a walk or even put on special reins. There is little benefit to the child from this since he loses his sense of reality and does not feel the capabilities of his body. Instead of driving your child on a leash, it’s better … teach him to fall.

It’s not hard. It’s enough not to disturb the child. Release him into free crawling, and he will find support for himself, holding on to which he will undoubtedly try to stand up. Of course, he will not succeed right away, and, of course, he will try again. Your task is to ensure safety. Close all sharp corners, remove objects that may fall on the child, in a word, prepare the space. And do not go far to comfort and reassure the little explorer at the right moment.

baby walk first steps
When Do Babies Walk? How to Teach Baby to Walk

Baby’s first steps

How to teach a child to walk? To help him in this delicate matter. We have already learned to fall; now, we are moving on to more dangerous activities. There is a useful technique for teaching a child how to walk without support. It all starts with the fact that the child learns to walk, holding on to your fingers. After some time, one of these fingers suddenly becomes unreliable, begins to move, and the baby, unwittingly, has to maintain balance, holding on to only one support. Then, something incomprehensible happens with this support, and you have to walk on your own. By the way, please do not hold the small handle of your little one. Let him grab hold of your finger. This will help him to develop arm muscles and excellent motor skills in parallel.

Remember: the first independent steps of a child are a joy not only for parents but also for the baby. So he begins to realize his abilities, becomes more confident and secure. Do not worry if your child has not yet started walking, while the children of your friends are already stomping with might and main from almost seven months old. The kid will go when he is ready.

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