Best bottle warmer — guide with tips and advice on buying

The choosing the best baby bottle warmer is essentially an electronic device that heats your baby’s milk and baby food easily, quickly and safely. Traditionally, the milk of the youngest children has always been heated in a bain-marie or a microwave, but these two methods are not the best ones. On the contrary, as far as the microwave is concerned, it is really not recommended because the heating process is not adequate and uniform and, above all, it can destroy all the properties and vitamins of the milk, and this is the most important thing that we want to avoid for the good and the growth of our children. Instead, if we want to heat the feeding bottle in a bain-marie, in addition to wasting time, there is also the risk of heating the milk a little or a little too much.

Experts ensure that the ideal temperature for milk intake for our little ones is 42 degrees Celsius. Too hot or too cold food could cause illness or frequent pain in the tummy for children so the use of the bottle warmer is highly recommended as these devices heat the bottles to the ideal temperature, neither too hot nor too cold and help us a lot in our daily days with our young children.

How do they work?

The operation of the Bottle Warmers is very simple: we must fill the device with water, insert the bottle (or baby food) up to the line marked by each product, I recommend not to fill the entire bottle, and wait for an acoustic signal to indicate that the milk (or baby food) has reached the appropriate temperature, and ‘really easy and comfortable, right? And then you have the security of not causing any damage to your child by giving him the milk or baby food at the perfect temperature.

Aspects to consider before buying a Bottle Warmer

Before buying a bottle warmer for your child it is important to take into account some basic tips that will help you make the best decision in buying, let’s see what they are:

  • Time: Check how long it takes to heat your baby’s food, we advise you to opt for a model that heats the bottles of your baby rather quickly so that you can eat your baby as quickly as possible and of course safely.
    Better that it is a universal model: Better opt for a device that allows you to heat bottles of any type of bottle, regardless of the brand
  • Car connection: if you use your car a lot and you travel by car, I recommend a model with a car adapter with bottle warmer that you can take anywhere with you. Just feed it with the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.
    Regulations: Each bottle warmer must comply with the regulations in force, show the CE mark and comply with all the required safety requirements.

How best to use the bottle warmer

I will now give you some notes on how to use your bottle warmer in the best possible way:

  • Fill with the right amount of water: The tank in which to put the water to be heated to bring the milk or a baby food to the right temperature must be filled following the right instructions, you must check the line that indicates the maximum threshold of water to be loaded, I recommend not to exceed that threshold if not you risk overheating your food
  • Use suitable bottles: Not all bottle sizes fit with the bottle warmer you have purchased. Therefore, carefully check the sizes that best suit you or you risk staying with the cold milk in your hand and with your child really very angry because he will be starving ?
  • Program the tool: We recommend you to use the functions of temperature control, so ‘you can be sure to have a warm but not boiling milk, so as to feed the best of your baby without stressing it and stress too much to understand the right temperature of your food.
  • Do not use only milk: Do not use the bottle warmer only for milk but use it for much more ‘time to heat even baby food and liquid soups. So’ you can use your product for several years without the risk of putting it immediately in a drawer to take dust.
  • Position the device in the best possible way: Find the right location for the bottle warmer. It is better to place it on a stable base, away from other appliances that may hinder the preparation and with a convenient and functional connection to the power socket. It is better to avoid wires that are too tight or that hang dangerously from the edge of a cupboard.
  • Do not use it with other foods: The bottle warmer is designed specifically for the food of the smallest, use it for food of adults would be useless and counterproductive
  • Take advantage of the acoustic signal: Almost all the bottle warmers on the market have as their function a sound signal that is activated when the milk or baby food inside has reached the perfect temperature. Leave this mode ‘active especially in the first months given the continuous use that is made of the bottle warmers.

In the video below you can see how to use an electric bottle warmer, and ‘explained in a very simple and intuitive.

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