Children Punishment

There is a lot of ways for children punishment. The best way to teach the children it is a life experience. Even we adults learn all the time from our mistakes. My child when he was two years old was constantly gripped the climbing on a chair and takes a box of matches and trying to light a match. Every time I run to him take the matches and constantly explained anew “Do not touch, it’s hot.” Don’t help me anything until one day I don’t saw immediately and he took matches and strike a match. I run to him until I arrived he had already get a burn. Since every time when he saw matches, he said “Do not touch, it’s hot” and did not touch matches more.

Children as adults learn from life experience. Sometimes mother call to all her children go to eat gives them food and one child playing and don’t come when she calls him, then when everyone already going to finish to eat come and tell her “Bring me to eat”. If it is happening frequently call him “I am feeding the family now, later I will be busy and you will need to take a food yourself. When he will be late few times and need to find and take the food himself or stay angry he would come in time.

If a child is not organized for go to school on time every morning and you do all your efforts for taking out him in time and he not hurry, you can let him organize himself. Tell him to hurry up one time and let him organize himself. If this is will be his problem. He will need to explain to his teacher why he was late. If he would have the consequences of being late, he would try not late more.

If a child hits other children and you want to stop him, send him a separate room, tell him it’s not a punishment, but because he hits other children and you need to protect them, you have the only option is to keep him separately from the other children.

If You released the child to play alone in the yard and he plays dangerous, plays he should not play them, so you can tell him he was not responsible, enough to play alone and can now walk only under the care that you’re afraid to release him alone. So he will understand that it is a result of his actions and wish stop plays which you don’t agree with them.

You can give him a period of time to travel only under the supervision of an adult and get him imitate when you can go out with him for a walk.

If a child refuses to go to school first check why maybe he has serious problems on the school. Encourage the child to tell you what happened. But if he doesn’t have serious problems and he simply doesn’t want to go to school or school director removed him for few days from school for bad behavior then let him stay home but do not let him play with anything that might interest him. Do not let him see TV or play computer games. Make it clear to him that he must be in school now and worry for do for him very boring day. However in most cases when a child does not want to go to school is something preventing bothers him there and you must make every efforts to check it out.

All punishment should be a natural consequence of the act and be directly relevant to the act. So it will affect the child quickly and efficiently and he not will be angry at you because he feels that the results of his actions.