French recipe | Happy Family

Every family’s sexual life has inevitable critical moments. You loose poignancy, your sexual needs are disregarded, you cannot offer your husband to realize your night’s fancy or just have to part with your lover for a long time. Finally, husband can cheat, stop loving, find a mistress??¦ But, like an experienced driver will never drop the brake harshly, to avoid running away, the same way an experienced wife will never turn rocks into a reef her family life can crash against. We have other levers in our hands.

Firstly we use tenderness and patience, dignity and forgiveness. Heart-to-heart talks, threats, whims, crying and shouting. You think you’ve tried everything? You are mistaken – French women state! You have another method in stock – find a lover. Such simple medicine helps to cure several absolutely different diseases.

Synchronization of watches

Not all family couples can develop sexual synchronism. Love textbooks affirm that sex is possible only if desire is mutual. However, such coincidences happen in real life not very often. Especially if biological clocks show different time. For example, tonight you want to sleep, and your husband likes sleeping till late morning. Or you always have your husband at night, but your sexual desire comes in the afternoon.

To avoid constant sexual harassment, transforming into aggression, not to rape your loved one against his wishes, find merely sexual relationships without any romantic appeal. This way you will keep at least soul fidelity, get rid of a fixed idea poisoning family peace, and your husband will just appreciate you. Of course, he should be unaware of the reason.

Living apart

Not all women can spend a month (week, couple of days) living separately from her husband observing continence. He can work three days one by one or go into business-trips 2/3 of year. In both variants there’s one problem – he is not with you when you need him. It is useless to think you will make up for lost time later. The same thing with food, it is better to eat often, but moderately, than seldom, but abundantly. Besides, if your sexual needs dominate over your whole being, period of parting will be awful for you. Don’t be in an agony of suspense – find a lover and time will fly faster!

Against boredom

There’s a man whom you would like to play around with? Or you are dreaming of him during intimate moments with your husband? Such situation is very disastrous for a family couple. Dreaming of another man, a woman imagines ideal sex with incredible sensations in her thoughts. And all her husband’s attempts seem miserable and funny. Isn’t it better to realize desired sex with that man, than dreaming of him all the time, humbling your husband? Fleeting infidelity, most likely, will lead to a disappointment in your dream man: you know, a real man never corresponds to your dreams. Cheating with this man once, you will stop cheating husband in your soul all the time. You will probably stop thinking of that man for ever.


Life with a jealous man is a test for your nerves. You love him sincerely, refuse any other propositions, and he turns your life into hell, imagining you with every other man all the time. How long you can keep fidelity without any reward?! He thinks you are unfaithful? So, should you suffer from injustice?

Tit for tat

If your husband cheats or is just infatuated with other woman, your own adultery will remove a load of female psychic complexes from you. You will make sure of your appeal again, raise your self-appraisal and fix physical and soul health. Not a husband can ignore such change. Of course, he should not know about reasons. But it’s rather good if he suspects you??¦ He will display his propertied interests.

Side effect

Do not forget that, like any other medicine, only short-time adultery has medicinal properties. A single dose or, at a pinch, a week course is quite enough to reach sanitary effect. Otherwise you will turn to be in a vicious circle of double life, which, as experience shows, will bring no use for family life at all. May be this will be useful for your own private life, but we speak about methods to strengthen your marriage.