From cot to bed with Babyhome’s Side Light

A few weeks ago we changed the room. I was already giving clues through social networks that something was being cooked, and today I can advance you a little more about the “new” bedroom of Ares, which has already passed from baby to child. Of course, it was essential to have a safety barrier for your new bed (it is not a child’s bed, but it is at the standard height) and when I discovered the Babyhome Side Light, which gathered everything I needed, I no longer thought about other.

The truth is that the “new” bedroom is not entirely new. It turns out that before he was born, we had already set up his room like that for 7 or 8 years. All we did was buy the convertible furniture and remove the bed, paint the walls and put a couple of new vinyl. That was it.
Now that we have transferred the crib to the other room, we have recovered the old bed and ready. With which, economic investment 0, which is appreciated!

The Side Light of Babyhome loves me from the first moment I saw her. It is not a conventional safety barrier, but like the rest of Babyhome’s designs (you know it is one of my favorite brands), it is minimalist and with very current and neutral colors that easily combine with any bedroom, either boy or girl. But the best thing is that it includes some unique features that I did not know until now, the most important one, which has INCORPORATED LIGHT! To me, this seems most practical since Ares, like many other children, is one of those who sleep with a small light every night.

Other essential features that it has and that fascinated me are:

  • Its size, 1.42m, long enough to cover a 1.90m long bed that makes ours (in the first photo you can see the barrier that was in the cradle, much smaller, which I now use to place on the other side for safety since we have a switch and a plug.
  • It has a mesh window with a very resistant textile so that if you have a small brute at home like mine you can rest assured that it will not destroy it.
  • The built-in LED light is charged with USB (charger included) but lasts a lot (it has a range of more than a week if you turn it on every night). When you turn it on it stays for about 30 minutes before turning off automatically.
  • It can be easily disassembled and washed
  • It comes with a practical travel bag that you can carry in case you want to take it on vacation.

    One thing that I have found very useful is that the light is easily orientable in the direction you prefer, in case you do not want it to hit the face directly, for example, or to focus on the wall, ceiling or story you want to read at night … just turn the tube where you prefer.

    This barrier is designed for different types of beds, either like mine, that is directly coupled to the furniture such as those that come with wooden bed bases. In my case, it costs me a little to make the bed with the two barriers and the attached furniture, so you do not stop seeing wrinkles on the sheets … (here marking me a small excuse of not having a juas juas magazine room).

    Its price is about € 89 and we plan to pay it off with the two kids, so it has certainly been a very good acquisition. Its use is recommended for children between 18 months and 5 years of age.

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