Hands Will Tell About Woman’s Sexual Status

This happens to all married couples. Sooner or later something disappears. Women suppose these are love and romance. Men think it is woman’s passion. But the main question is: which are reasons of this problem and how to struggle with it?

My grandmother did not face such questions: she always knew all answers.

  • Honey, which relationships do you have? You are only 35, and you already forgot you are a representative of fair sex. It is natural your man also forgot about it. When he kissed your hands last time?
  • Frankly speaking, I would prefer more pragmatic love displays. For example, some comfortable practical gift… But my granny was flat:
  • Believe me, nothing refreshes feelings the way a grayish head bended towards your hand does…

My Max had no streaks of gray, but, in principle, I would like him bending towards my hand from time to time. After a sincere conversation with my granny, I even suspected women had the most erogenous zone on their hands. Well, different experienced lovers from ladies’ novels always started acquaintance kissing a woman’s hand. Firstly back of the hand, the – interior surface, further – you know.

So, I decided to give my husband a hint of playing romance. He looked at my hands and smiled ironically.

Yes, I’ve got quite good figure, surely, my face is not so fresh already, as I would like it to be, but, if I use makeup, I’ll be quite ok, my colleagues even think I’m pretty. I have grace and ease of movement, but hands… Granny really pointed at my serious flaw.

After I examined my upper extremities closely, I understood my husband’s ironical smile’s sense: coarsen hands, exhausted by various home matters, with complete absence of manicure and traces of chemical burns (I removed a stain on my elder son’s T-shirt yesterday), scratched (I saved my cat from aquarium) hands, surely, failed to cause feelings of tenderness and desire…

At that moment I thought: what if hands are really erogenous zone? Then, probably, I satisfy myself completely with great success.

So, the first things I did – I made my hands presentable. Surely, acryl nails cost me a pretty penny. They were just marvelous, so, I hesitated: how long could I postpone washing for to avoid damaging this expensive beauty? And when I finally started doing an everyday part of matrimonial duty, then, of course, I managed to break two nails. However, I lengthened them again immediately.

I should say Max noticed the whole beauty of my hands later, in about two weeks, when I already decided to ignore granny’s idea. He discovered my striving for perfection only when he found out our month’s exchequer melted away quicker, than usually. Then we had much more displays of romance during our conversation, than I even expected. I even broke another couple of nails “in a burst of passion”. However, a week later, when husband humbled with my thirst for beauty, we bought an automatic washer. And also a dishwasher. Max understood it was cheaper to buy on tick, than constantly correcting defects of appearance I gained due to house work.

My husband decided a woman could not cope with such complicated equipment, and that meant he undertook significant part of my former duties. Surely, I agreed silently, and decided I would have to work on myself little better, and then he would start thinking about his words on our life he used to tell his friends! So, I signed up for a swimming-pool and go there without fail every time after sauna.

When I thought about making face lifting, my husband started repeating I was so beautiful and that he loved me so much. He started be jealous of me! Jealous of my contacts with swimming coach, colleagues I was trying so hard for, neighbors, lamppost…

And he started kissing my hands regularly in the evenings. And not only hands…

P.S. My granny also told me recently a real woman should definitely have jewels (better diamonds) and natural furs. A real man should present all these things to her, after such investments, he will cherish his loved one like the apple of his eye! By the way, I think I’m a real woman, so it’s time to prepare my husband – these days we will pay in full rests of our credits for household appliances.