How To Save Your Marriage

We hear and hear about divorces everywhere. This is a sure sign that the most respected institution is indeed in great danger. We do not already pay attention to the small details that support a marriage. You do not even remember his birthday or even the first time you met. Ability to listen is much more important than talking, remember this and try to save your marriage. Everyone has desire to be heard, especially men, as this makes them feeling loved and cared for. When he is talking try to look at him straight in the eyes and keep on nodding. This is a sure way of showing him that you are attentive and he will be encouraged to keep on talking.

Try to avoid complaining. If there is anything that can make your man to miss coming home are your endless complaints just about anything he does. Save your marriage by avoiding constant complaints. Men feel inferior and he may start feeling that he is not the right one for you. You should learn that no one is perfect and accept your partner just the way he is. When you feel your partner has wronged you in any way do not start yelling and throwing plates at him but create the right atmosphere around the table then put your point across in a loving and caring manner. This will make your partner feel respected.

Avoid making love right after a quarrel because this may make your partner feel that you are blackmailing him and he may not open up to you making the sexual ordeal boring to both of you. Try going for a walk instead just to relax his mind. During the walk keep thinking positively about your partner because he is the man you have decided to spend the rest of your life with. Remind him about your first date, how loving and caring he was at that time, and what attracted you to him. This will make him save your marriage by seriously starting to think of where and when he started going wrong and what he can do to bring the fire back to your marriage.

Little niceties like “i love you” at the end of a telephone conversation can help save your marriage because your partner will know he is still the man you love and care about. You should not have very high expectations about your man. This can push him off limits as he keeps on trying to prove himself to you. Remember the world outside is very cruel so when a man comes back home he needs a bit of tenderness, encouragement and love to make him strong enough to face another day. By choosing him to be your life partner simply means you had accepted him the way he is, never try to compare him with another man. Remember that you can never change a man be contented with what you have by making each day worth living. Make him feel appreciated.