Which home pet to choose?


Well, if so, why many wives, knowing that their husband is cheating, continue maintaining family hearth, forgive, shut their eyes to his passions? Why does this phenomenon live and prosper everywhere and is even considered as a norm of human relationships? Is it really inevitable, that at some moment of his life, a necessity to […]

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Your Family Style


STYLE “VICTIM” You think men are attracted by your shapes most of all? You flirt with men on work without hesitation? In your dreams, you imagine that you’re the only woman among men on some island? Falling in love, you try to raise your man on a pedestal? And you close your eyes even on […]

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Divorce Epidemic: Who Is In Fault

It’s difficult to name the reason. Maybe, men realized malignancy of dissolute behavior (it’s hard to believe), or wives see no problems in it (it’s hard to believe too), or women, finally, got tired of unsuccessful struggle with man’s drunkenness, debauchery and started treating these “minuses” not as a cause for divorce, but a reason […]

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10 Ways To Refresh Feelings


You’re married for years, and your marriage is quite successful, but you notice, that there’s no previous passion, and you make love more seldom, because you’re tired, and there’re no new feelings. Everything is known and well-trodden. Maybe, everybody feels the same? You’re married for years, and your marriage is quite successful, but you notice, […]

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How Your Kids Can Help You Handle Holiday Stress


My wife and I were standing outside of a shopping center the week before Thanksgiving when we began to hear the “sounds of Christmas.”  We looked at each other with amazement as the holidays began to permeate the air of the mall parking lot. Each year it appears that the winter holidays arrive earlier than […]

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How To Develop Baby’s Intellect

Science gives us new facts on first phases of baby’s life, his development, the formation of the thinnest brain structures in mother’s womb, and this happens much earlier, than it was supposed. It seems unbelievable, but when a size of human fetus is less than 2 mm yet, his brain is already functioning, controlling his […]

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Hands Will Tell About Woman’s Sexual Status


This happens to all married couples. Sooner or later something disappears. Women suppose these are love and romance. Men think it is woman’s passion. But the main question is: which are reasons of this problem and how to struggle with it? My grandmother did not face such questions: she always knew all answers. Honey, which […]

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An ideal interval between childbirths


I’ve got 2 sons, their age difference is 5 years. I sustained such pause knowingly, in order not to impair my children in anything and give up for lost my education and husband’s carrier, to give both of us a possibility to recuperate after our restless first-born. Recently I visited my relatives’ place. A young […]

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