Best bottle warmer — guide with tips and advice on buying


The choosing the best baby bottle warmer is essentially an electronic device that heats your baby’s milk and baby food easily, quickly and safely. Traditionally, the milk of the youngest children has always been heated in a bain-marie or a microwave, but these two methods are not the best ones. On the contrary, as far […]

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baby's walk

Baby’s first steps. What age do babies walk?


The first steps are a crucial stage in the development of each small person and the whole family. Therefore, most parents ask a natural question: what time do children start to go? Forced to disappoint you – the exact numbers do not exist. A typically developing, the full-term baby usually begins to walk without support at the […]

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why do babies spit up photo

Why do babies spit up?


Young children are more controlled by their emotions. A child, overwhelmed by feelings, still does not always know-how and can express them in words, and does not know how to keep them in himself. Here, facial expressions, gestures, and bad habits come to his aid, with the help of which, in particular, he expresses his dissatisfaction. One of […]

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The 10 Best Family Organizer Apps of 2019


Modern parents are torn between work and family. With so much information, it is sometimes impossible to keep everything in mind, especially if you have a large family. Under such conditions, help is indispensable if you want to successfully accomplish domestic tasks. Fortunately, you can get virtual help from a family organizer app. These programs […]

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How To Discipline The Child


Here are a few ways on how to discipline a child. Every parent must have rules in their home for their children. It is not privilege – it is liability. Children need boundaries as much as they need air. Children of parents who constantly surrender to them and give them everything feel unprotected. The child […]

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Children Punishment


There is a lot of ways for children punishment. The best way to teach the children it is a life experience. Even we adults learn all the time from our mistakes. My child when he was two years old was constantly gripped the climbing on a chair and takes a box of matches and trying […]

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​Room for a baby


What’s the use of laces and rosettes? Firstly, a new-born baby’s sight is 20 times weaker, than adult one’s sight. And the way it will be developing further depends completely on you. A child doesn’t just look at something well-known to him like we do. A child discovers the world, becomes acquainted with it. And […]

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How To Be a Good Parent


I have two kids, both under 2 years-old. As a relatively new father, I’m always looking for advice on how to be a parent. I sought the council of my own parents, I got books from the library, and I even asked my wife what she expected of me as a new dad. The one […]

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Children books: Read to One Another


Just before Bob and I were married, my mother told me about her early days of marriage. She said that they didn’t have much money, and TV was not widely available, but what they did in the evenings was read books aloud to one another. It sounded strange to me, but a year or so […]

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Сhild Prodigy Is A Social Phenomenon


Child prodigy and genius – are two absolutely different concepts. In childhood, geniuses are often called “a strange boy”. So, Stephenson was such a “strange boy” – those around one thought he liked loitering his time away and sticking around kitchen for a whole day. But right in the kitchen this “idler” paid his attention […]

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Children And Tv: What To Watch And How Much


Why television bewitches children so much? The virtual image takes a child away from reality for a while. In cinema children realize they experience something external towards themselves, limited in time and space, as going to the cinema is always a ritual, supposing certain séance, dark hall, the presence of other spectators. In front of […]

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How To Develop Baby’s Intellect


Science gives us new facts on first phases of baby’s life, his development, the formation of the thinnest brain structures in mother’s womb, and this happens much earlier, than it was supposed. It seems unbelievable, but when a size of human fetus is less than 2 mm yet, his brain is already functioning, controlling his […]

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An ideal interval between childbirths


I’ve got 2 sons, their age difference is 5 years. I sustained such pause knowingly, in order not to impair my children in anything and give up for lost my education and husband’s carrier, to give both of us a possibility to recuperate after our restless first-born. Recently I visited my relatives’ place. A young […]

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