Secrets Of Happy Wedding

We decided to carry out a poll on the subject “Your wedding”: you know, everyone, who arranged this event, has a unique experience. Why not sharing with it?

And in general, how modern weddings pass? Why do we arrange them and what’s the main condition of a successful wedding, which will never be forgotten not only by a bridegroom and bride, but also guests? Does everything happen according to your plan?

Our poll showed that most of our readers are happy with their weddings:

“This was the happiest day in my life. That’s why I’m writing to you while our second wedding anniversary! A wonderful, magic, unforgettable fairy tale!”

“I’m very happy, I’d live this day again with pleasure!”

“I liked it so much, this was just an enchanting holiday, this can really happen only once in your life!”

Even some funny incidents, which happened during this day couldn’t spoil many people’s weddings:

“Everything was just great! Nobody remembered my tears (”Ma, may be I shouldn’t get married?!”) and disputes about whose parents bustled about mor?¦”

“During our wedding the best man fainted, bridegroom forgot his bouquet in office, we were late to a register office, when we went sight-seeing, we understood that all our foodstuffs was left in other car, salads at the restaurant turned to be bitter. Everything was terribly symbolical!

But guests, by the way, were satisfied! And we were happy!”

But what can such small things mean in the context of surrounding magic reality? Most likely, they just bring some piquancy to this unforgettable day, memories of which underlie in family stories, funny, charming, unique.

Psychologists are not tired to teach us that mutual strong emotions strengthen a couple. And wedding – is the best occasion for these very pleasant mutual emotions!

It is notable that many of our respondents said: it’s very important to prepare for a wedding together. This draws you together and is never forgotten!

“We were choosing for the restaurant and register office together with my husband. We bought a suit, shoes, jewelry and decorations together too. I only chose my wedding dress by myself.

I think this mutual activity brought us together. Each of us talked about the way he’d like to see this day and we tried to realize our mutual dreams together”.

But what makes a wedding a wedding, not a usual feast with a certain choice of attributes? Of course, a cause for a wedding itself – love. This is always romantically, movingly, that’s why 40% of our readers called love and relations between partners the main condition for a successful wedding.

“Having a wonderful dress was necessary for me! Invite only those guests, whom you really love and want to see! And in general, LOVE, a mutual heavenly feeling, can be a main condition for a successful wedding, when you’re expecting and enjoying this event!”

“I think love is the main condition, and also – mutual wish to spend this holiday together”.

“What is the main condition? I think, these are newly wedded. If they love each other, this can be seen at once. This causes tender emotion in guests”.

“First of all, a newly wedded couple’s attitude to significance of this event is important, its realization as a new stage of their life; and secondly, mutual tenderness and understanding. Then everybody will be shining with joy, laugh and happiness”.

But you shouldn’t be carried away with the process of being up in the clouds too much. Wedding is a big crowd, often guests see each other for the first time, and if you don’t organize them the right way, they can turn into a banal loud crowd. That’s why 60% of our respondents advise entrusting organization of a festival to experienced specialists:

“As for me, the main is to choose a good toast-master, as it is a toast-master who creates a holiday atmosphere”.

“Everything should be planned competently, so that every guest would be entertaine?¦”

“Conditions for a good festival:

  1.    A good toast-master
  2.    Guests should be arranged the right way
  3.    Varied menu
  4.    Well-chosen music”

Guests are another question. What to do, if you cannot stand your aunty and are at odds with her ugly daughter? Not to invite them? But this aunty is your mother’s sister

How to behave, if your parents are not so friendly between each other?

What to do, if you don’t like a gift at all?

What to answer a future mother-in-law, which is telling loudly that she bustled about twice more, than your mother?

Be wiser. There’re ladies, who cannot live without eccentric actions.

Postpone analysis of these important incidents for tomorrow. Smile and be merry against all the odds. Sleep on it! Who knows, may be tomorrow you’ll find out that a presented set of screwdrivers is vitally important for you, and your mother-in-law just wanted you to notice and appreciate her contribution to your happy future. And your smile, supporting words and kiss melted her heart for ever! You noticed, she shed a few tears yesterday over your grateful speech, when you called her a “mother”?

It’s very difficult to find a right decision in situations with “unwelcome guests”. It’s better to consult your mother about it, not letting a fianc©, his parents, your friends, sisters and brothers into your “family secrets” peripeteias. Most likely, you will just miss a presence of your aunty: on the background of exciting events of this day children offences will seem too small for you. So, don’t ovelload yourself with strained difficulties! You will have plenty of them this day!

Do you remember Charlotte York’s wedding? A fianc© saw her dress before wedding accidentally; during ceremony she slipped on Samantha’s pearls and almost fell; a paper with felicitation took fire in Miranda’s hands; and a wedding dress was spilled with red wine. If I imagine all this happening to me, then Charlotte’s hysterics would seem to be a baby talk on the background of mine. But such incidents happen not only in films, and it’s not so bad, and not only “cine” Charlottes live with their Harries happily after this, but also real people too, to everyone’s surprise!

So, what to do with signs, your granny’sadvices to strew a dress’s reverse side with pins, a wedding bouquet, which came to a salad and mixed up rings?!

Regardless of the fact, that representatives of different nations and countries often get married, same wedding signs exist almost everywhere: a fianc© should not see a bride in a dress before wedding; nobody can cross their road; rings should not be dropped or mixed up; a bridesmaid and the best man cannot be married or divorced etc.

Contrary to common opinion about women’s superstitiousness, only 20% of our readers stated, that they believe in signs. However, many still decided to play safe on a wedding day and observed some “rules”:

“I don’t believe wedding signs I read in Internet, I just was afraid that our rings could fall down, especially during a wedding ceremony”.

“The only sign I believe is that a bride’s mother should make several stitches with black thread on the reverse side of a dress before bride price ceremony, in the area of hips. It is considered, that then nobody will be able to overlook a bride, and a wedding will be successful, newly married will live a long and healthy life. Our wedding was really very merry and loud. And our health does not let us down”.

“I don’t believe in signs, but still try not to violate the ones I know. For example, a fianc© should not better see his bride in a dress before wedding. You should see my fianc©’s eyes, when he saw me in a wedding dress! I think no bride can forget this look!”

Some signs came true on our readers’ weddings:

“On my first wedding there was a sign that came true. Salt was spilled on us, a lot of it, this happened unexpectedly. And a year later we fell out and broke up and don’t even communicate anymore, although we’ve been together for 6 years before wedding”.

But most of our respondents had happier ends:

“A bridesmaid on my wedding was married. People dissuaded me from it, but I explained to everybody that I was not superstitious and these signs would not prevent me from doing on my own. If two people love each other, then no sings can frighten them”.

“Two days before our wedding my girlfriend refused from being a bridesmaid, little earlier – my husband’s friend refused to be the best man. The day before our wedding we appointed a married couple for this – they say this shouldn’t be done. I fainted during a wedding ceremony, I was constantly photographed in front of the mirror. Your energy and love magic are main things, not signs. I’m happy and wish everybody happiness and love”.?¦ Well, what a complicated and important event a wedding is! A future family life depends on it in many aspects – we mean a newly wedded couple’s mood and relations with relatives. Wedding lays a certain foundation of future: it is a starting point of a family life, a base for future family album and a romantic story, which you can tell your children about later.

And although almost half of our readers – 47% – consider that a wedding should be splendid, as a unique and unforgettable event, we think you also can find a way to turn even a low budget event in an unforgettable magic day!

Moreover, 53% of readers admitted: a splendid wedding is not a pinnacle of their desires at all. You can manage with a more modest holiday too. One of our respondents advises:

“Not everybody can allow himself a wedding festival. And this is not the main thing, to my mind. Make this evening unforgettable, you can celebrate this day in some unusual way: go to aqua-park, visit an Eastern restaurant, go boating. Whatever you like. The main is to love and wish to please your dear man sincerely”.

So, each couple should decide which wedding they want by themselves. Now there’re agencies, which arrange “atypical” holidays in extreme style: you can get married highly in the mountains; during a parachute jump or in the epicenter of another American tornado. And you can do the contrary, to retire from civilization and go to countryside. The main is that you should not forget the purpose of this day, while being busy with all these fancies!