The 10 Best Family Organizer Apps of 2019

Modern parents are torn between work and family. With so much information, it is sometimes impossible to keep everything in mind, especially if you have a large family. Under such conditions, help is indispensable if you want to successfully accomplish domestic tasks. Fortunately, you can get virtual help from a family organizer app. These programs facilitate the planning of purchases, family events, distribution of household tasks and much more here –

Why do we need Family Organizer Apps?

It would be great to remember everything – when children play football at school, when they need to be picked up after the game, when grandma arrives, when a doctor’s appointment is, etc. But we are not computers and sometimes we forget something. If you don’t want your children to sulk because you forgot to bake a cake for a school fair, you need a family plan app. Not only can you plan all activities, but you can also create to-do and shopping lists, keep your favourite recipes, share appointments with other family members and much more.

If you are looking for a way to involve your children in family work, a schedule app can be very helpful. You can leave orders, begging and misunderstandings behind in the past. All you have to do is create tasks, blame your children, and receive notifications when a task is done. Some family apps even allow you to make homework into a game with prizes.

In summary, Family Organizer apps are an important tool for busy mothers and fathers who want to maintain ties with their children.

1st Cozi Family Organizer

It is an excellent family organizer with extensive and interesting features. The app can be found in Google Play and App Store. Cozi synchronizes with the phone numbers of all family members to allow them to add, edit and delete to-do lists and events.

The Organizer consists of several tabs. The Shopping section allows you to create multiple shopping lists. The Tab To-Do is responsible for managing lists of tasks (both general, relevant to all, and personal). The Calendar section allows you to view general schedules and personal events of each family member on the same page. The calendar is also able to send reminders of important events. On the Recipes tab, you can add the ingredients of your favorite recipes to the shopping list. You can also add dishes from the recipes to the Events Calendar.

2nd OurHome

The app can be found at Google Play and App Store. OurHome is a family planner that makes it possible to turn routine into a game. Each family member can create and edit task lists, add new tasks, assign deadlines and people responsible for a task. You can see what tasks have been completed (and by whom) and what was left for tomorrow.

One of the features of the app is a system of motivation that allows parents to involve children in housework. Adults can come up with tasks, award points after they have finished, and exchange points for prizes. They can come up with different prizes, for example an extra hour of computer games, a dinner at the favorite pizzeria or a family outing to an amusement park. With this approach, a grubby dishwashing task becomes a meaningful and interesting task.

3rd Picniic

The app can be found at Google Play and App Store. Picniic offers an attractive and friendly interface. The main menu is created in a tiled style like in Windows, although it is not possible to rearrange the tiles.

In addition to the family calendar, to-do lists, group events and shopping lists, the app also includes a feature called “News”. It’s a very useful option for large families where you can share your news and media content.

A paid subscription allows you to exchange confidential information with family members (passwords, credit card information, etc.), use a location tracker, add favorite recipes, and receive notifications of special events.

There are also options for exporting and importing events into regular calendars and from third-party providers (Google, Outlook, etc.).

4th Hub Family Organizer

Hub Family Organizer is available for download at App Store and Google Play. This minimalist app helps you focus on two things: Calendar events and lists (tasks and purchases). All events, records and lists are displayed in one place. Hub Family Organizer also allows you to write messages and publish photos. The software can be used by small teams. You can even add multiple such groups.

The free version has no advertising. The paid subscription allows you to attach an unlimited number of photos in the chat, add comments and notes, assign tags and synchronize information with an unlimited number of calendars.

5th Calendar – Family Organizer

The app can be found atApp Store for iOS Devices. It is probably the most beautiful family organizer at the moment. The start screen is created in the form of a list for the current day. By changing to the right / left you can switch between the days.

There is a hot button to add the main events. The menu on the left shows the functions of the app, e.g. to-do lists, calendar of events, journal, checklists, recipes and shared photos. The developers have taken care of privacy. In addition to cloud synchronization, it is possible to export files in HTML and CSV format.

6th Family Wall Family Organizer

You can find the app at Google Play and App Store. FamilyWall lets you share photos, events, contacts and locations with members of your family. All activities are displayed on the wall and arranged by date. The app provides a color-coded calendar that shows appointments for the whole family and for each person separately. Task lists allow you to create assignments for family members and receive notifications when tasks are complete.

Real-time locator helps find family members on a map. The Geofechten feature is also available. In addition, the app offers a family conversation feature, a gallery and contacts.

7th Chore Monster

The app can be found at App Store and Google Play. Don’t know how to get your kids to do their job? With Chore Monster, housework becomes fun. Parents can distribute tasks among kids and assign points to them. After a task is completed, children can exchange points for a reward. The parents determine the prices themselves. The main thing is that they suggest what the children like. The points can also be spent on Monster Carnival, where children have the opportunity to play mini-games and receive pet monsters.

8th Mothershp

Mothershp can be found at Google Play and App Store. The app is created by the same developer as the Chore Monster. Mothershp allows to bring apps with similar functions (Chore Monster and Landra) under one roof. The software is based on motivation and reward to complete tasks. Parents come with tasks and offer some rewards after completion. When children complete the tasks, they send notifications and parents can check how well they’ve done. If everything is fine, parents award points that can be redeemed for a reward. Mothershp helps turn boring domestic duties into a game.


The app can be found at Google Play and App Store. makes it possible to create task lists and event calendars without unnecessary frills. Distribute your appointments and tasks by days, weeks and months and receive reminders to stay up to date. For each task you can add voice notes and attach files. You can add task lists from your mailbox, computer, dropbox, etc. It is also possible to synchronize the app with other devices. Lists and calendars can be shared with family members or groups of friends to give them messages or tasks.

10th Flayk: Made for your family.

Flayk is only available on the App Store. This app combines a calendar, a to-do list and an event planner. What makes this app unique is that you can manage multiple families, teams, or groups of people. You won’t be confused because Flayk highlights each one with its own color code. Flayk will also motivate your children to complete tasks. You can set tasks, monitor their progress, and assign rewards when finished.

Although Famisafe is not a family plan app, it will help keep the lives of your little family members under control. Thanks to the real-time location tracker, you will always be aware of their whereabouts. Famisafe also informs you about all the places your children have visited today, yesterday and other days of the week. The Geo-Fencing feature allows you to set up security zones and get information as soon as children enter or leave these places. Such a feature helps you keep your little ones away from potential threats.

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