Your Family Style


You think men are attracted by your shapes most of all? You flirt with men on work without hesitation? In your dreams, you imagine that you’re the only woman among men on some island? Falling in love, you try to raise your man on a pedestal? And you close your eyes even on frank infidelity so that to keep the relations? Sometimes you can sob just because of our bad mood?

You adore man: they are so nice! You’re ready to forgive, understand and bear everything. Even when they are not right. You’re always searching (and find everywhere) an altar and you’re ready to sacrifice your life in the name of Him. You’re ready to forget about carrier, friends, relatives, habits? Firstly, this flatters any man, creates a pleasant contrast with a “previous” selfish woman. That’s why men reach for you, breaking all the obstacles. However, in further life, your constant adoration begins irking a man. “I’m unworthy of her” – such thought can poison life of any man who still has self-esteem. And in the end, he goes away from you to some sinful “damned wretch”, feeling himself a Man with her.

What’s the reason? Most likely, in your parents’ family, your mother was a victim – weak, wimp, “holy” woman. So, you’ve been playing a role of victim during your whole life, turning each man into a hangman artificially, you are reveling in your “tortures”, being secretly proud of the fact that you behave like your mother did.

What to do? Engage in some activity that will help you to return your self-esteem, gain a foothold and get firmly established in a sphere, nit connected with man’s influence.


You’re worrying your husband finds a hobby that is not connected with you from time to time? You suppose that a loving one has absolutely all rights on a loved one? You don’t respect “man’s freedom” too much? You don’t pay attention to the level of his lust for you, when you’re excited? At the same time, you’re ready to forgive infidelity, if you’re able to justify him?

You’re sure you were born to love men! And you’re trying to find a whole bouquet of all ideal knights’ merits in one individual. It’s not easy for you to get a man: you’re too particular, tire with your lashing, blame him in the lack of will-power, and you’re also devilishly jealous. With all this going on, you have not so much respect and esteem to men in general and to your “specimen” particularly. Probably, your mother was the head of your parents’ family, so you’ve sopped the thought that a good woman can “make” her man decent too.

What to do? The answer is banal: don’t require from your man the things he cannot give you. Especially – perfection. He has lots of shortcomings (like you do!), so accept him as a complete creation and don’t try to school.


Are you terrified he uses your tooth-brush? You think a crying man is ridiculous? You have no close friends, as you doubt their loyalty and fear your secrets can be used against you? You always call things by their right names and speak frankly about everything? You suppose it’s quite possible to make love without love?

You treat all men like enemies or rivals at best. You don’t trust them and wait for nothing good for them. You’re an absolute mistress in your love and don’t preclude the possibility of staying alone.

What’s the reason? In childhood, you imagined you were a boy and you still pity you were not born being a boy. Since that time, you cannot humble with the fact that men have more privileges and avenge them in a “man’s way”, displaying aggression even when it’s not necessary.

What to do? Stick to your points of view, but don’t become like men in appearance and goings-on. If you need to humble men so much, find an object out of your personal interests. There’re a lot of rivals on work and a lot of cads in the streets. Nevertheless, arrange “useful battles” in your family – against aggression and sexual imposed settlement, for equal rights in choice of leisure and distribution of home matters.


Do you have a soft corner in your heart for clothes that accentuate your sexuality? Prefer charming men? You don’t find it hard to be financially dependent on a man? You’d prefer your husband would betray you with a man, not woman?

You don’t trust man and love them only in your words. However, while staying without a man for too long, you become weak both physically and psychically. Nevertheless, understanding, tolerance, and self-control – are not for you. That’s why your man should be obedient and tender and yield to your requirements-ultimatums. Alas, few people like being with you: even a loving man sees an aggressive fury in you, not a tender girl-friend, even if you pronounce your threats in a cooing voice of a capricious child. Terrorists (young and charming) attract greatly only aged sickly men, able to do without emotional closeness.

What’s the reason? Your aggressive attitude – is only a protective reflex. And you’re delicate and vulnerable in your soul. You’re afraid of suffering too much and being offcast.

What to do? You should harness your emotions. Avoid irretrievable situations: don’t proclaim anything, especially in a fit of temper. It’ll be easier for you to control your man, if you believe he loves you with all you shortcomings.